Thursday, 18 March 2021

What is some career advice that people usually learn too late in life?

 Don’t get emotionally involved.

No matter what you do and how much you care about your job tasks, roles and responsibilities, Never ever let any emotion of yours make a decision for you.

If you are feeling Happy about it, Good! now focus on task and execute the plan.

If you are feeling sad, take sometime off and relax! Now get back to work and execute the plan. If needed update the plan but simply act on it.

If you are feeling Angry! Wait here, think through it! Read the email that you just wrote again and again and don’t send it if there is anything which conveys you are writing this in Anger.

Remind yourself, other people reading your emails or viewing your action wont be able to connect to you simply because you want them to. Emotions are virtue which makes us Human and but share it only with Friends (Loyal and Real Friends). Remember your anger or sadness might have build up because of several factors and not each one of these are actually highlighted in your current action. So Act only as you are expected to Act!

Upgrade yourself. Whatever you do, take sometime to upgrade your skills, plan and strategy to make yourself better each day.

Review each day what you could have done better

Write down the things which are most crucial and seems difficult to handle in present situation

Identify new things which you can learn and new sources from where you can learn

Read a lot and read only good literature!

Look Good, Dress really Well and Smell awesome. The best thing about you is YOU! so take the best care of yourself. You can’t force other to treat you well if you yourself are not doing that. And mind my words, your presentation matters, a lot!

Never run to office with untidy clothes, un-managed hair or smelling bad, due to lack of time! Inform your superior that you will be late today, and get ready. Prepare your dress, shoes, nails, accessories, perfume, Office bag/tools etc night before your office day.

Get your dress and accessories updated, it matters!

Never get involved in Office Rumors and Politics. Hey, do you know ABC and XYZ were getting cozy the other day! STOP, its none of my business or even of any interest! Never participate or allow people to gossip these things with you. take your stand and never ever allow any malpractice. Participate only in healthy discussions and only to a point when you are contributing or your presence is actually needed.

Develop Sympathy and understanding for your colleagues. Office teams are designed to have automatics checks and balances at correct places. Information gets lost in translation and friction develops, that’s natural. Develop Patience and resistance towards negative forces. Work with calm mind and evaluate your logic/reasons/words in everything that you do, say or act. Take time to evaluate your actions and act only when you feel its right to act in this way.

Think Big! You cant achieve more that you dream off. Dream big and stay positive. You are your best critic but you are your support as well. You have all that you need to achieve big in this Life. You will walk only once in this planet and make your journey a damn good one!

Create Memories and Impact. If it will be a good memory to cherish, DO IT! If it will generate good impact on others, DO IT!

Your worst enemy is Laid back Attitude. Only thing that’s stopping you to achieve anything is laid back attitude. Go get it done, Now!

Walk that extra Mile and achieve closure on your tasks. Do that one thing that will get you to another mile. Get sign-Off and closures on your deals/tasks. Do that extra thing that will deliver extra results.

Give your best and then take good rest before next day.

Its a Job afterall. Its what you do but it doesn’t completely represent you. You are more than your job title! You are precious and have good life outside Office as well. Make sure you value what you have and do well outside the office as well. Be grateful for great life and work harder to make it even beautiful!

What is some career advice that people usually learn too late in life?

 Don’t get emotionally involved. No matter what you do and how much you care about your job tasks, roles and responsibilities, Never ever le...